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Directors Report
Your directors submit the Financial Accounts of the company for the year ended 30 June 2005.


The directors in office at the date of this report are

Geoffrey Roberson
Sam Pennisi
John Corney
Jason Sprague
Neil Jenman

In accordance with the constitution, these Foundation Directors will continue in office as directors of the company.


The principal activities of the company during the financial year were assistance and advice for property sellers and buyers.


The net loss for the year was $160,012.


The company is not permitted to pay dividends.


Since the end of the previous financial year, no director has received or become entitled to receive a benefit by reason of a contract made by the company or related company with the director or an entity of which he is a member, or with a company in which he has a substantial financial interest, except as follows:

  1. The company paid fees for administration and staff services to the Neil Jenman Group, in which the director Neil Jenman has a financial interest.
  2. The company paid legal fees to Champion Legal, in which the directors Geoffrey Roberson and Jason Sprague have a financial interest.


This report is made in accordance with a resolution of the Board of Directors and is signed for and on behalf of the directors by:

Neil Jenman

John Corney

Dated 30 November 2005

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